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Grass is Always Greener

June 14, 2009

factory01 indoor grass

If you’re like me and don’t have outside garden space, Metaphys have designed these garden factory planters that let you sow and see the plants sprout and grow. The planters of two different sizes allows for an outdoor feel while indoors.

picture02 grass on wall

Or what about these garden picture planters also by Metaphys? Use it as a picture frame and hang it on your wall and the grass will contrast to the scenery picture you choose.

LOTS Camou lawn bench

Or for something a little more out there, what do you think of this Camou Lawn bench by LOTS.


Be Creative with your Junk

June 13, 2009
rocking chair large

Rocking chair made of wood cable drum, and a soft seat and back rest

Created by Junktion, founded in Tel Aviv in 2008, taking everyday objects that have been classified as junk and seeing them in new ways; and creating new beautiful useful things.

What do you think of some of their designs? Would you have them in your home?

basket L

These gas baskets are made of metal gas balloons.

column large

flowers large

Drawer Column on the left made of old wooden boxes, a metal column and a concrete base.

Above is a flowers lamp composed of an aluminium jug, flexible pipes and spherical lamps.

kitchen lamp large

Kitchen lamp made from a cooking pot, flexible metal pipes and teapots

I’m not sure about having this kitchen lamp in my kitchen (I wouldn’t have the room for it even if I did), but I do like the creativity that went into making it.

Suitcase sofa

I think this is a cool little seat. The suitcase sofa is made using an old suitcase, plywood, soft seats and wheels.

towels large

A very practical towel hanger using plumbing pipes

kid chair largeAnd finally, what do you think of this? It may be space consumig, but this backrest hanger sure is amusing.

Travelling in Style

June 11, 2009
Redefining travelling in style

Redefining travelling in style

I ‘ve always accepted that when I go travelling, I have to give up on some comfort and sleep, but it seems I had the wrong idea. All I needed was $485 million to buy a 239 foot long Airbus A380 which has three floors, four giant full suites, boardroom, a full spa, concert hall and car garage. Apparently, this is exactly what Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud has done.

Hmm, for now I think I’ll just have to stick with trying to remember to bring a pillow with me when I travel in the hope of getting more than an hour of sleep…that is, when I’m lucky to go travelling to begin with.

via Gizmodo

Property Snakes and Ladders

June 11, 2009

Property Ladder - home renovation

I’ve been a fan of Sarah Beeny since I first watched Property Ladder (UK version), so was delighted to see it back on tv under its now more appropriate name Property Snakes and Ladders.

The show follows first-time property developers as they purchase a house and renovate it with the intention of  selling for profit while Sarah Beeny’s expert advice is often ignored. In a way the show is more interesting this year as the amateur developers need a true talent for developing since silly mistakes made will not be compensated by a rising property market.

Organising That Messy Desk

June 9, 2009
Desktop Carousel - a place for all your your bits and bobs

Desktop Carousel - a place for all your your bits and bobs

This might be just what my desk has been missing, specially over the past few months as my desk has gone from slightly untidy to a chaotic disorganised mess.

Great for someone lie me who loves to buy stationary, this desktop carousel with a drawer for each of its six sides to hold paperclips and the like and ten compartments for papers, pens, scissors, etc.

Another desktop organising option

Another desktop organising option

This would be another good option, but to me, just not the same.

Organisers from Making Memories.

via Organize Magazine.

Stella McCartney’s Lucky Spot

June 1, 2009
Lucky Spot, a chandelier created by Stella McCartney returns to Belsay Castle

Lucky Spot, a chandelier created by Stella McCartney returns to Belsay Castle

Inspired by a visit to Belsay Castle, Stella McCartney created a jewelled curtain of thousands of Swarovski crystals that hung in the shape of a horse from the ceiling in the Castle’s Great Hall. I think it’s a beautiful creation.

Read more about it from English Heritage.