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La Maison Chic

January 21, 2010

French born Irish-based designer Laurent Billiet began his career as an executive working in BioMedical Research Ltd. in Galway.
“I wanted for nothing, I had the most wonderful life – but I wasn’t living. The week-ends had barely started when suddenly it was late Sunday afternoon, and I was packing my bag again for an early flight on Monday morning.” he tells The Irish Times.

His background had been in human resources and with an MBA in marketting, he was set to climb the corporate ladder. Instead, Billiet took a course in interior design and then accepted design work in his spare time in apartments in Paris.

Now based full time in Ireland, his company La Maison Chic, in Galway offers a complete interior design service down to every last detail.
He tells the newspaper he believes a home’s interior should last “About seven years, at least. If a customer is not happy or wants a change after three or four years, and they have taken my advice all the way through, then it is my fault. That’s my philosophy.”


Strathmore in Killiney, Dublin

January 18, 2010

This Irish home stands on 9.03 Acres of land and has for the past fifty years acted as the official residence for the Canadian Ambassador in Ireland. Designed by Alfred Gresham Jones in the 1860’s, it was extensively remodelled in the late 1940’s by Oliver Hill Arquitect.

I never realised that Dublin had such nice houses till about two years ago when I took a walk from Dalkey to Killiney.