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La Maison Chic

January 21, 2010

French born Irish-based designer Laurent Billiet began his career as an executive working in BioMedical Research Ltd. in Galway.
“I wanted for nothing, I had the most wonderful life – but I wasn’t living. The week-ends had barely started when suddenly it was late Sunday afternoon, and I was packing my bag again for an early flight on Monday morning.” he tells The Irish Times.

His background had been in human resources and with an MBA in marketting, he was set to climb the corporate ladder. Instead, Billiet took a course in interior design and then accepted design work in his spare time in apartments in Paris.

Now based full time in Ireland, his company La Maison Chic, in Galway offers a complete interior design service down to every last detail.
He tells the newspaper he believes a home’s interior should last “About seven years, at least. If a customer is not happy or wants a change after three or four years, and they have taken my advice all the way through, then it is my fault. That’s my philosophy.”


Strathmore in Killiney, Dublin

January 18, 2010

This Irish home stands on 9.03 Acres of land and has for the past fifty years acted as the official residence for the Canadian Ambassador in Ireland. Designed by Alfred Gresham Jones in the 1860’s, it was extensively remodelled in the late 1940’s by Oliver Hill Arquitect.

I never realised that Dublin had such nice houses till about two years ago when I took a walk from Dalkey to Killiney.


Last Minute Christmas

December 25, 2009

Christmas decorated mantlepiece

 If you’ve just finally gotten that Christmas spirit, here are some last minute decorating advice.

When choosing the christmas tree, choose one with a tree with a good shape, dense branches and pliable needles.

December’s edition of House and Garden New Zealand suggests choosing one colour and combine it with white and silver to create a multi-layered festive feel in your home.

Once you’ve chosen your colour theme, carry it through into different areas throughout the house. Put a cluster of baubles on the mantlepiece, hang small decorations off door knobs, attach sparkly, light-catching decorations to the window frame. Gather ideas for things you can make yourself, such as the stencilled patterns and lacy  white paper cut-outs. A welcoming wreath on the door, the fresh flowers on the table – all following the same colour theme – add the finishing touch.

(Meant to post this a few days ago, but never got the chance.)

CasaCor 2009: Best Bedrooms

December 10, 2009

Suite Hebe Camargo by João Armentano. From Casa Hotel

Earlier this year, the Casa Cor Group held three simultaneous events at the Jockey Club in Sao Paulo all at once: Casa Cor 2009, Casa Hotel and Casa Kids.

It is the biggest architectural and decor show in Latin America and the third biggest in the world holding 110 different design spaces and occupying 44,000 m2. This year’s theme is sustainability.

These are some of the bedroom sets from the show.

Suíte Amaury Jr from Casa Hotel

Architect Brunete Fraccaroli, used dark colours, glass, mirrors amd silk to creak a sophisticated bedroom.

Suíte Ricardo Almeida by Fred Benedetti and Fernanda Abs. From Casa Hotel

The bathroom is separated from the bedroom using narrow strips of wood. The room has oriental influeces in the bedding and the earthy tones gives it a natural feel.

Suíte Ana Hickmann by Neza Cesar. From Casa Hotel

Suíte Master - Apartamento by Oskar Mikail. From CasaCor 2009

Suíte do Motel from Casa Hotel.

Designers Alessandro Jordão e Kiko Sobrino took the cities, Paris and Amsterdam, as inspiration for this room.

Suíte da Lua-de-Mel from Casa Hotel.

Marco Antonio Stancati e Volmar Leal Stancati designed this room as a honey moon suite.

Suíte Studio by Moema Wertheimer and Marcia Bueno Netto. From Casa Hotel.

Suíte do Casal - Casa from CasaCor 2009.

In this project, Mauricio Nobrega brings rustic and modern together in one space.

I like the use of bamboo on the wall. (But that may just be because I think bamboo is the most wonderfully versatile material ever.)

From CasaCor

Celebrity Homes: Sir Elton John and David Furnish

December 7, 2009

Usually, I am more a fan of the neutral colour palette, but I may just have changed my mind when you see bold colours used as well as the Los Angeles home Sir Elton John shares with his partner, David Furnish.

I think the view here speaks for itself. And that rug looks so soft. Oh, to have that rug under my bare feet.

I would have never even considered using purple countertops but this kitchen looks so sleek.

Brazilian Architect: Marcelo Rosenbaum

August 31, 2009

Having been on holidays in Brazil recently and visited a house with a kitchen and bathroom that bares a striking resemblance to the ones in the before pictures below, I had to post this up. I couldn’t have envisioned it being done up like this so when I came across this project, I was very impressed.

It was renovated by a Brazilian arquitect Marcelo Rosenbaum from Sao Paulo for his monthly television feature “Lar, doce lar”. As part of a show called “Caldeirão do Huck”, Rosenbaum renovates the home of a family within a one week time frame. This renovation was one of these projects for the Ferreira family.

Façade Before Remodel

Façade Before Remodel

Porch and Living Area Before Renovation

Porch and Living Area Before Renovation

Kitchen Area Before Renovation

Kitchen Area Before Renovation

Bathroom Before Renovation

Bathroom Before Renovation

Bedroom Before Renovation

Bedroom Before Renovation

Façade After Remodel

Façade After Remodel

Kitchen-Dining Area After Renovation

Kitchen-Dining Area After Renovation

Open plan kitchen and living Area After Renovation

Open plan kitchen and living Area After Renovation

Open plan living Area After Renovation

Open plan living Area After Renovation

Bedroom After Renovation

Bedroom After Renovation

Bedroom After Renovation

Bedroom After Renovation

Bedroom After Renovation

Bedroom After Renovation

Kid's Bedroom After Renovation

Kid's Bedroom After Renovation

Outdoor space created - Terrace After Renovation

Outdoor space created - Terrace After Renovation

Irish Interior Designer: Sinead Considine

August 21, 2009

Sinead Considine is an interior designer and home staging expert who worked as lead interior designer for House & Garden in Australia before opening her company, Upstage, in Ireland. Her work has appeared various times on magazines such as Ireland’s Homes Interiors and Living and Book of Interiors.

Here are some photos of her classic contemporary style. Some rooms may be a little too neutral but I  like the neutral colour palette on the soft furnishings and the use of stained wood.

Sinead Considine Irish Designer - Hainault Living Room

Since I may be re-doing my floors, all I can see from this picture are its beautiful wooden floors.

Since I may be re-doing my floors, all I can see from this picture are its beautiful wooden floors.

Irish Designer Sinead Considine Upstage - Annavilla Living RoomIrish Designer Sinead Considine - Annavilla BathroomIreland Designs Sinead Constantine Upstage - Arnott Street Dining AreaIrish Designer Sinead Considine Upstage - Connaght Place Living Area

Irish Designer Sinead Considine Upstage - Connaght Place Open Plan Kitchen Dinning room

Irish Interior Designer Sinead Considine - Connaght Place bathroom

Irish Interior Designer Sinead Considine - Dunsland living Room

Irish Designer Sinead Considine - Grasmere Living RoomIrish Interior Designer Sinead Considine - Grasmere Kitchen

Irish Interior Designer Sinead Considine - Grasmere Bedroom

Irish Interior Designer Sinead Considine - Hainault Open Plan Kitchen Living Dining area

Be Creative with your Junk

June 13, 2009
rocking chair large

Rocking chair made of wood cable drum, and a soft seat and back rest

Created by Junktion, founded in Tel Aviv in 2008, taking everyday objects that have been classified as junk and seeing them in new ways; and creating new beautiful useful things.

What do you think of some of their designs? Would you have them in your home?

basket L

These gas baskets are made of metal gas balloons.

column large

flowers large

Drawer Column on the left made of old wooden boxes, a metal column and a concrete base.

Above is a flowers lamp composed of an aluminium jug, flexible pipes and spherical lamps.

kitchen lamp large

Kitchen lamp made from a cooking pot, flexible metal pipes and teapots

I’m not sure about having this kitchen lamp in my kitchen (I wouldn’t have the room for it even if I did), but I do like the creativity that went into making it.

Suitcase sofa

I think this is a cool little seat. The suitcase sofa is made using an old suitcase, plywood, soft seats and wheels.

towels large

A very practical towel hanger using plumbing pipes

kid chair largeAnd finally, what do you think of this? It may be space consumig, but this backrest hanger sure is amusing.

Property Snakes and Ladders

June 11, 2009

Property Ladder - home renovation

I’ve been a fan of Sarah Beeny since I first watched Property Ladder (UK version), so was delighted to see it back on tv under its now more appropriate name Property Snakes and Ladders.

The show follows first-time property developers as they purchase a house and renovate it with the intention of  selling for profit while Sarah Beeny’s expert advice is often ignored. In a way the show is more interesting this year as the amateur developers need a true talent for developing since silly mistakes made will not be compensated by a rising property market.