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Casa Cor 2009 – Best Kid’s Rooms and Nurseries

December 26, 2009
Quarto de Brincar

A Play Room by Edson Lorenzzo

Earlier this year, the Casa Cor Group held three simultaneous events at the Jockey Club in Sao Paulo all at once: Casa Cor 2009, Casa Hotel and Casa Kids.

It is the biggest architectural and decor show in Latin America and the third biggest in the world holding 110 different design spaces and occupying 44,000 m2. This year’s theme is sustainability.

These are some of the kid’s rooms and nurseries from the show.

The biggest challege for Edson Lorenzzo was to create a playroom suitable for both boys and girls of varying ages. The 22m2 room has space for art, games , tv  area, doll house, and library.

Quarto de Menino

A boy's room by Aquiles Kilares

Arquitect Aquiles Kilares created this boy’s room feel like a space ship. The wall with the LCD screen is made to look like the central command screen.

Suíte da Menina

A girl's room by Patricia Novoa

Suíte Bebê A nursery by Glaucya Taraskevicius
Baby Care

A baby room by Flavia Ranieri

From CasaCor