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Be Creative with your Junk

June 13, 2009
rocking chair large

Rocking chair made of wood cable drum, and a soft seat and back rest

Created by Junktion, founded in Tel Aviv in 2008, taking everyday objects that have been classified as junk and seeing them in new ways; and creating new beautiful useful things.

What do you think of some of their designs? Would you have them in your home?

basket L

These gas baskets are made of metal gas balloons.

column large

flowers large

Drawer Column on the left made of old wooden boxes, a metal column and a concrete base.

Above is a flowers lamp composed of an aluminium jug, flexible pipes and spherical lamps.

kitchen lamp large

Kitchen lamp made from a cooking pot, flexible metal pipes and teapots

I’m not sure about having this kitchen lamp in my kitchen (I wouldn’t have the room for it even if I did), but I do like the creativity that went into making it.

Suitcase sofa

I think this is a cool little seat. The suitcase sofa is made using an old suitcase, plywood, soft seats and wheels.

towels large

A very practical towel hanger using plumbing pipes

kid chair largeAnd finally, what do you think of this? It may be space consumig, but this backrest hanger sure is amusing.