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Grow your own Vegetable Garden

April 17, 2009
Vegetable garden - grow your own green patch

Grow your own vegetable patch - from the Irish Times

Lately, I’ve been looking to take up a new hobby. Last week The Irish Times had a feature on growing your own vegetables. To me, this sounds like a possibly fun things to do with family or friends, specially as the weather is getting better and it is growing season again.

Over the next three months, the column aims to give advice such as sourcing organic seeds, well rotted manure and making raised beds. If you live in an apartment or for some reason don’t have the garden space, check out the Dublin Food Growing Group, the Cork Food Web or the Waterford Food Producers’ Network for details of renting an allotment.

Unfortunately for me, there were no allotments avilable near where I live which appealed to me caused I think I might have enjoyed growing my own veggies with some friends. But maybe you’ll be more lucky finding a spot.