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Vertical Walls

December 31, 2009

Vertical garden at the Authenaeum Hotel on Piccadilly Street in London

Because there is never enough space in big cities to grow plants or have large amounts of green space, I think vertical gardens sounds like a pretty nifty idea.

Patrick Blanc created the first living wall. His plant wall consists of a framework of plants planted by the side of a structure. In fact, the plants are planted onto a PVC plate supported by a metal frame attached to the wall. This vertical garden at the Authenaeum Hotel on Piccadilly Street in London is one of the many examples of his work.

But for something on a smaller scale and more easily replicated, ELT Easy Green have some nice examples of what you can do.

Vertical garden by Joost Bakker for Schiavello

Or how about using this slightly different take on the vertical garden as a feature wall created by Joost Bakker for Schiavello. Extremely space efficient, it is a grid system that allows numerous potted plants to be arranged in freestanding columns or walls.

Woolly Pockets

But my favorite way of integrating this concept into a home has got to be the woolly pocket. Made of flexible, breathable material, they can be hung on walls in any combination.