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CasaCor 2009: Best Bedrooms

December 10, 2009

Suite Hebe Camargo by João Armentano. From Casa Hotel

Earlier this year, the Casa Cor Group held three simultaneous events at the Jockey Club in Sao Paulo all at once: Casa Cor 2009, Casa Hotel and Casa Kids.

It is the biggest architectural and decor show in Latin America and the third biggest in the world holding 110 different design spaces and occupying 44,000 m2. This year’s theme is sustainability.

These are some of the bedroom sets from the show.

Suíte Amaury Jr from Casa Hotel

Architect Brunete Fraccaroli, used dark colours, glass, mirrors amd silk to creak a sophisticated bedroom.

Suíte Ricardo Almeida by Fred Benedetti and Fernanda Abs. From Casa Hotel

The bathroom is separated from the bedroom using narrow strips of wood. The room has oriental influeces in the bedding and the earthy tones gives it a natural feel.

Suíte Ana Hickmann by Neza Cesar. From Casa Hotel

Suíte Master - Apartamento by Oskar Mikail. From CasaCor 2009

Suíte do Motel from Casa Hotel.

Designers Alessandro Jordão e Kiko Sobrino took the cities, Paris and Amsterdam, as inspiration for this room.

Suíte da Lua-de-Mel from Casa Hotel.

Marco Antonio Stancati e Volmar Leal Stancati designed this room as a honey moon suite.

Suíte Studio by Moema Wertheimer and Marcia Bueno Netto. From Casa Hotel.

Suíte do Casal - Casa from CasaCor 2009.

In this project, Mauricio Nobrega brings rustic and modern together in one space.

I like the use of bamboo on the wall. (But that may just be because I think bamboo is the most wonderfully versatile material ever.)

From CasaCor